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We know that blockages can be a pain, wherever you’re from. Most commonly caused by oil and fat build ups that are left too long blockages will stop all of the water passing through your drain. A blocked drain could also bring your business to a halt or at least stink the place up. You might be tempted to tackle the blockage yourself, but if it’s a stubborn blockage, your average household products won’t do anything. There’s one option left for this stubborn blockage and that’s to attack it physically. Unfortunately this would be very difficult to achieve at home without ripping up existing pipes.

Not to worry we cover All Birmingham AreasWith quick response times, and no call out charges, why would you ring anyone else? We’ve attended many  job where the customer has already called a plumber out and paid a hefty call out charge to then find out that the plumber didn’t have the right tools. If you’ve got a stubborn blockage call us in today, we use many years of experience and the latest and greatest in CCTV and high pressure water jetting technology. Blockages don’t take days off, and neither do we. We’re open 24/7 365 days of the year and run a 24 hour phone lime where you’ll always be able to speak to one of our friendly advisers. We’re waiting for your call.