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What is the difference between a private and a public drain? 1/2

What is the difference between a private and a public drain?

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Private storm water drainDrain and sewage systems are very intricate and we often forget that they’re there, taking it for granted when water just flows out of the tap whenever we need it. Not us though; at blocked drain Birmingham, we see enough drainage problems to never take them for granted. But underneath the roads there is a delicate system of pipes that bring water to your properties, and these systems are much simpler than you’d think.

It is important to know what kind of drainage system you have, in the event that one of the pipes becomes blocked. There are three main kinds of systems you need to know about: drains, lateral drains, and sewers.

Drains are pipes that carry water and waste away from your home, but are still within the confines of the property. Lateral drains are the next step from drains, carrying wastewater away from your property outside of the property boundary. You can often find lateral drains underneath public roads and pavements. Sewers collect the water that has been passed through the drains and lateral drains. Most sewage systems are owned publicly, although there are still some privately owned sewers.

The reason why it is important to know about these systems is because if you experience a blocked pipe, you will need to know where the blockage is in order to establish whose responsibility it is to take care of it. If the blockage is in a drain on your property, it is your job to get it sorted out. However, if the blockage is in a drain that is publicly owned, it is a task for the local water board to deal with.