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CCTV camera drain survey

Blocked Drain Birmingham provide all manner of drainage repairs and have the equipment to clear any blockage. You can of course call us with your daily requirements as well, as a private customer or with regards to your commercial business. We provide CCTV camera drain survey’s, a popular choice for many home owners and developers who wish to have their current drainage systems inspected and investigated for any current or possible future problems.

For emergencies such as floods, clogs, burst pipes or other, call and speak to our specialists now. We can assist with everything from heating, boilers, bathrooms, bath and shower installations, drains, drain clearance and modifications to suit your unique system needs.

The latest technologies, high quality guaranteed products, and a friendly service are just a few things that you can expect when making use of this wonderful service, and never hesitate to call if there is anything that you are wondering, or if you would like to get a quick quote, or book in for a job, we look forward to hearing from you.

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Camera survey

The service that the our dedicated team provide is flexible and working with customised solutions that suit your specific requirements around your schedule, is something that we do gladly.

Our recommendations come from merit of our high quality long lasting work, which you can find out more about easily by calling us at your closest convenience. To investigating the state of the drains, how high is the possibility of blockage and clogging we offer this CCTV survey, it after allow us to fight with the causes like drain structural movements and tree roots cracking the pipes.

Speak to us about your pipes, drains and plans, and we will help you find the right way forward from your current situation. And when you are looking for a home or business property to buy it is very important to find out the state of the drains and pipes beforehand. To do that you should contact a drain experts like us and ask for a CCTV survey to be done.  So you can subtract the cost of repairs from the price of the house and save a considerable amount of money.